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Video Processing and Analysis

Key word: object tracking, video object detection, video semantic segmentation, etc.


The UAVid Dataset for Video Semantic Segmentation .
Y. Lyu, G. Vosselman, G.-S. Xia, A. Yilmaz, M. Yang.
ISPRS Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, Vol. 165, pp. 108-119, 2020.
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Object Tracking in Satellite Videos by Improved Correlation Filters With Motion Estimations .
S. Xuan, S. Li, M. Han, X. Wan, G.-S. Xia.
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Video Object Detection with A Convolutional Regression Tracker .
Y. Lyu, M. Ying Yang, G, Vosselman, G.-S. Xia.
ISPRS, J. Photogrammetry & Remote Sensing, in press.

Siamese Networks with Distractor-reduction Method for Long-term Visual Object Tracking.
S. Xuan, S. Li, Z. Zhao, L. Kou, Z. Zhou, G.-S. Xia.
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Visual object tracking by correlation filters and online learning .
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Accurate Object Tracking by Combining Correlation Filters and Keypoint.
X. Zhang, Z. Wang, Xia, G.-S. Xia, L. Zhang.
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LIP: Learning Instance Propagation for Video Object Segmentation .
Y. Lyu, G. Vosselman, G.-S. Xia, M. Y. Yang.
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