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Computer Vision

Image Processing
Key words: Texture synthesis, Texture recognition, etc.
Structured Image Analysis
Key words: Line Segment/Junction Detection, Wireframe Parsing, etc.
Graph Matching
Key words: Graph Matching、Function Representation, etc
Texture Modeling
Key words: Texture synthesis, Texture recognition, etc.
Object Recognition
Key words: Image caption generation, Scene text detection, etc.
Medical Image Processing
Key words: ultrasound imaging, etc.
Point Cloud Classification
Key words: ALs point cloud classification, etc.

Aerial Image Understanding

Object Detection
DOTA, RoI Transformer, ReDet, Gliding vertex
Change Detection
Image Retrieval
Key words: Sketch-based RS image retrieval (SBRSIR)、 Event-Based Image Retrieval, etc.
Scene Classification
Key words: Deep learning based RS image scene classification, RS image information extraction, etc.
Image Segmentation
Key words: Deep learning based Remote sensing image semantic classification, image instance segmentation, land-cover classification, etc.
Video Processing and Analysis
Key words: object tracking, video object detection, video semantic segmentation, etc.
UAV Remote Sensing
Key words: efficient representation of UAV images, vision-based UAV navigation, UAV images-based 3D reconstruction, etc.
SAR Image Processing
Key words : SAR images classification, change detection, object segmentation, etc.


RS Image Analysis Platform
RS Image Interpretation System

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