Our team won in the 13th annual National Postgraduate Electronic Design Competition

Position posted on: 2017-08-30

From August 19 to 22, 2018, the 13th National Finals of China's Postgraduate Electronic Design Contest " Zhaoyi Innovation Cup" was held at Nanjing University of Technology. This competition attracted 2437 teams from 235 participating units including Tsinghua University, Fudan University, Zhejiang University and Wuhan University. After the selection of the eight divisions in the country, a total of 360 teams stood out and took part in the finals competition with the theme of " Youth with Wisdom and Dream for the Future".

Through works exhibition and judges' comments, the " steel indiana" work " DOTA - AI: intelligent shooting robot system" won the first prize in the country and was shortlisted for top 10, and won the fifth place in the final top 10 road show. At the same time, technical papers have emerged from more than 2400 teams nationwide and won the best paper award. This work is jointly directed by Professor Yang Wen and Professor Xia Guisong of CAPTAIN Research Group, of which Professor Yang Wen won the National Finals Excellent Instructor Award.

It is reported that the " Chinese Postgraduate Electronic Design Competition" is one of the " National Postgraduate Innovation Practice Series" and is jointly sponsored by the Ministry of Education's Graduate Education Development Center, the National Engineering Graduate Education Steering Committee and the China Electronics Society. The competition is a group electronic design creative competition for graduate students nationwide. It aims to cultivate graduate students' innovative thinking, enhance team cooperation awareness and improve their ability to apply the basic theory of electronic information to electronic system design.

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Students participating in the competition
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Team photo of Wuhan University